Protecting Your Property And Loved Ones With Wills

In case something happens to you, it is wise to have an estate plan in place to protect your property and loved ones. The cornerstones of most estate plans, wills are legally binding documents that identify who will gain the rights to your property and how your minor children will be cared for in your absence. In addition to providing peace of mind to the living, wills save beneficiaries valuable time and money by effectively minimizing estate taxes and avoiding probate court.

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What Kind Of Will Is Right For You?

Wills direct the management and distribution of your estate after death and can include the guardianship of minors.

  • Simple wills distribute property of uncomplicated estates.
  • Conditional wills only go into effect when specified conditions are met.
  • Joint/reciprocal wills are created by two people who wish to leave their property to one another.
  • Pour-over wills transfer property into a trust after death.

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