Have A Plan In Place Before You Say ‘I Do’

A premarriage contract is no different from any other contract. Sitting down to discuss the terms of a prenuptial agreement promotes a healthy discussion of finances and other issues before marriage.

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Prenuptial Agreements And Planning Can Prevent Future Issues

Most couples will face challenges in raising children, lack of intimacy or seemingly small daily problems such as household chores at some point during the course of their relationship. However, studies continue to show that money is the most common subject of arguments for couples. Talking about financial issues early on in a relationship gives both spouses a clear picture of their financial situation, promoting the types of conversations that can prevent problems in the future.

Prenuptial agreements provide many benefits. They are essential to provide for the support of children from a previous marriage, to acknowledge rights to inheritance and to provide for the financial security of both spouses in the event of a divorce filing.

In addition to creating premarital agreements, we can assist with updating or creating wills and estate plans to reflect your new legal status.

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