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Adoptions take many forms today. A childless couple can look to adopt a child using a welfare-based service or private agency, which may involve adopting across international boundaries. Stepparent adoptions may also occur following a remarriage if a new spouse wants to legalize their relationship with their partner’s child or children. Adoptions may also take place following the death of a family member or close friend whose minor child then becomes part of another family.

No matter the circumstances in which you decide to adopt, LeVine Ehrman Ltd. is here to support you. Our team of compassionate attorneys can skillfully assist with your adoption needs and the other legal issues that may arise in the process. Call us at 708-840-7779 to learn more.

Our Approach To The Adoption Process

Our team of adoption lawyers is prepared to help you wade through the endless tides of paperwork so you can focus on becoming a family. Our attorneys have decades of experience in and out of the courtroom. Our unique collaborative approach means your adoption case will have numerous legal minds reviewing the details and analyzing the best approach.

If you encounter issues with agencies or other family members, we can step in to smooth the process. Protecting your rights and bringing your child into your family are our priorities at all times.

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To arrange for a complimentary initial consultation, call us at 708-840-7779, or contact us online. We are confident we can help you fight for the future of your family. We serve Chicago area clients out of our Tinley Park, Illinois, office.

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