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Establishing Paternity And Child Support

Fathers have every right to a relationship with their children. Unfortunately, issues can arise when a father is denied the right to a relationship with his children or has not participated in his child’s life for a variety of reasons.

With over 80 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., have worked on numerous paternity cases. We understand the challenges parents face when a child is born outside of a marital relationship. We can assist parents in meeting these challenges and will fight for our clients’ rights.

How Is Paternity Determined?

Determination of child paternity has become much simpler over the past decade. Paternity tests can indicate with a high percentage of certainty who the child’s father is. The most difficult part of a paternity case may be getting the test done in the first place. Furthermore, even if paternity is found to exist, the child’s father may resist providing fair and reasonable support.

We Help Fathers Accused Of Parentage

You may be on the other side of the issue and face an accusation that you are a child’s father. You need representation from a skilled family lawyer to ensure that the testing laboratory is reputable and the determination is correct. Depending on the situation, you may also wish to assert your rights as a parent and obtain visitation rights along with your support obligation.

Fostering a healthy and ongoing relationship with both parents is the primary goal of most Illinois courts and is the right of both parents. Our team can help you navigate this uncertain time and advise on favored tools to help the process go smoothly

Protect Your Rights When Facing Paternity Claims

Making sure your needs and interests, as well as those of your child, are protected is the goal of our attorneys in every case. Call our team at LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., at 708-444-4333. You may also use our simple online form to request an appointment.

We offer free consultations to discuss how we can best assist you. From our Tinley Park office, we serve clients throughout the Chicago metro area.