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Legal Solutions That Respond To Life Changes After Divorce

At LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., we know that nothing is certain but change. As a firm that focuses predominately on Illinois family law, we utilize our 80 years of combined experience to create robust legal agreements for individuals and families. Our aim is always to ensure the final divorce decree will work for everyone involved, but it is impossible to plan for everything.

You or your ex-spouse may face a number of circumstances over a lifetime that affect your divorce agreements. Common causes of needing to return to court for modifications or enforcement include:

  1. The party obligated to pay spousal or child support is not paying the full amount owed.
  2. A significant change in circumstances necessitates a modification to the original agreement. This could be due to the loss of a job, a promotion or some other recognized justification for disturbing the divorce decree.

Post-Decree Changes In Spousal Or Child Support

In instances where the support has gone unpaid in the absence of a court order, we can take steps toward collection. If you are owed money, it is essential to manage your situation quickly, before it can become more severe.

Similarly, if you have failed to pay support, it is vital that you address the situation quickly before it compounds. This particularly applies if a significant life event is a reason — until you have filed with the court, there is no relief from the court order.

Changes In Allocation Of Parenting Time And Responsibilities

Allocation of parenting time or parenting responsibilities can require adjustment after a significant change in circumstances. Our lawyers can assist you with post-divorce modifications in situations involving either party moving, changes in work or activity schedules, or deteriorating relationships between the parents.

The safety of you and your children is our priority. We can advocate for limiting contact with a parent who behaves inappropriately and assist with obtaining an order of protection if necessary.

When Things Aren’t Working, Give Us A Call

The attorneys at LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., know how to handle modifications and enforcement quickly, efficiently and economically. To arrange for a free initial consultation, call us at 708-444-4333 or contact us online. From our Tinley Park office, we serve clients throughout the Chicago metro area.