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Trend Shift In Legal Parental Rights

There has been a steady increase in nonmarital births, and Illinois courts increasingly recognize fathers’ rights and responsibilities as caregivers. Families today are more likely than ever before to include a single-parent household, which means that parental rights are often in need of protection.

At LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., our family law attorneys support parents petitioning for, and defending, their parental rights. If you are an unmarried parent who is seeking custody or visitation rights or are an unmarried parent in need of child support from a biological parent, call us to discuss your situation.

Why Is It Important To Establish Paternity?

Paternity is the legal relationship established between father and child. Establishing paternity affects both parents and has several legal consequences. Here are some common reasons why one parent may bring a paternity action against another:

  • To ensure a child’s right to a legal father-child relationship
  • To add the father’s name to the birth certificate
  • To protect parents’ rights
  • To allow access to family medical information
  • To secure the child’s benefits such as financial and medical support, Social Security, veterans benefits and inheritance

Our team can help you understand the various ways in which a paternity action will affect you.

Paternity Actions For Birth Fathers And Mothers

When biological parents are unmarried, paternity proceedings can be used to establish legal parent rights, including custody and visitation. Mothers and fathers alike stand to benefit from establishing the paternity of their child.

Our team at LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., handles family concerns with sensitivity and flexibility. We represent mothers and fathers without bias. Whether you are a father who is trying to establish paternity because you want to gain visitation rights to build a relationship with your child, or a mother who needs to serve the father a child support order for financial assistance, we can help.

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