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Your Family Deserves To Both Be And Feel Safe

If violence is occurring in your home or while your children are at your ex-partner’s house, you need to act immediately. At LeVine, Ehrman & Horberg Ltd., we take claims of domestic violence extremely seriously. When our attorneys are hired to handle legal matters surrounding violent situations, we work quickly to protect everyone involved — especially the children.

An Order Of Protection Is The First Step

If the police are involved with your case, they may have already given you an emergency protection order. This offers short-term protection, often between three days and two weeks. It is essential that you seek a long-term option through the legal process. Only a legally binding order of protection with the necessary provisions can protect you and your family for years to come.

Our team understands how frightening your situation is. We are trial lawyers with decades of trial experience. Our team will collaborate on your case and bring skilled, serious defense to your situation. Our clients are not just numbers to us — we are dedicated to you and your family’s long-term best interests.

Defending Against Wrongful Orders Of Protection

Our decades of experience have also taught us that not all orders of protection are deserved or granted for legitimate reasons. Our attorneys will defend a wrongful order of protection as aggressively as we will pursue one that is warranted. Too often orders of protection are used as a litigation tool and not for appropriate reasons. It is important to defend against these by obtaining an experienced legal advocate.

Contact Us Immediately For Domestic Violence Situations

Your family should not have to live in fear. We aim to ensure the safety of you and your children. Call our Tinley Park, Illinois, office right away at 708-444-4333, or request a consultation through our online form and we will schedule an appointment with you. Initial consultations are always free.