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Do you need a social media clause in your prenuptial agreement?

There's a growing trend in prenuptial agreements that may surprise a lot of people: social media clauses.

Prenups are now widely used. Modern couples recognize them as a financial tool that can provide a measure of security to both halves of a couple in uncertain times. Maybe it's only natural that younger generations that don't remember a time without the Internet would think to extend protection to social media. After all, social media has always been a prominent part of their lives.

What is a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity?

When the mother of a child is unmarried at birth in Illinois, the father’s name cannot be added to the birth certificate until paternity is established. This is the case even when the parents are engaged or cohabitating at the time of the birth. In a situation in which a mother is separated but remains married and has a child with someone outside the marriage, the individual the mother is married to is legally presumed to be the parent of the child.

How to handle 'deadbeat' parents in Illinois

Unpaid child support obligations aren't something that parents in Illinois should ignore. The penalties for being a "deadbeat" parent are severe.

If you're struggling to collect support payments from your child's other parent, here is some information you may find useful.

Four things you can do to avoid an estate dispute

While every family is unique, it's often possible to predict -- and prevent -- disputes among your heirs.

Whether your estate is big or small, there are some actions you can take that will minimize the possibility of a family dispute after you are gone.

Is it time to divorce a spouse with an addiction?

Addiction doesn't just affect the addict -- it affects the addict's entire family. If your spouse has a substance abuse problem and is addicted to drugs or alcohol, at what point do you decide that you can't stay married any longer?

There's no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, you have to make the decision, but here are some questions to ask yourself when you're considering divorcing an addict:

Who makes the rules

Being a parent is a difficult job. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the kids get a little older and come up with a new parenting puzzle for you to figure out.

Deciding what the rules for the kids are going to be can be hard enough before a divorce, but adding a divorce into the mix can make life even more difficult. Especially when you find it hard to agree on anything.

Do you need a temporary or permanent child support modification?

Some changes in life affect us for a short, definitive period, while others have long-term or permanent effects. For this reason, when a parent requires a modification to his or her child support obligations, an Illinois family law court will seek to determine how long the need is for to see if a permanent or temporary child support modification is required.

Here are some examples of issues that could inspire a permanent or temporary change in child support:

Did financial problems bring an end to your marriage?

Out of all the reasons for divorce, financial difficulty and disagreements about money are the most common. As a fundamental necessity of life, money is a common concern for spouses. If there's a lack of financial security, or serious disagreements about how to save and spend money, it could be enough to bring any marriage to an end – no matter how much love the couple has for one another.

Here are several ways that money issues can cause a divorce:

Even if you're divorced, you can make summer great for your kids

Ah, those carefree summer days of childhood.

Time with friends. Visits to some of the wonderful spots for children in Illinois. Toasting s'mores around the fire. Just because you're divorced doesn't mean the kids have to experience anything less than an awesome summer.

Divorced fathers in Illinois receive less parenting time

When comparing divorced fathers in the state of Illinois to fathers in other states throughout the nation, one thing is resoundingly clear: Illinois dads receive less parenting time than dads in other states.

According to recently-published research, Illinois kids with divorced parents spend approximately 23.1 percent of their time with their dads every year. This means that Illinois dads rank 47th in terms of time spent with their children when compared to dads in other states.

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