Can You Change Your Child Custody Agreement?

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Navigating child custody issues during and after your divorce can be complex. As you and your former spouse experience life changes and learn to co-parent, you might want to modify your child custody situation.

Fortunately, there are legal ways to change your child custody agreement in Illinois.

Awarding custody in Illinois

Illinois courts strive to award custody in a manner that supports the best interest of the children involved. Judges consider the preferences of the parents and children as well as the family dynamics. In general, courts try to avoid splitting siblings and want to allow both parents to see their children. However, parents who commit violence or have substance abuse issues may receive less time with their children.

Modifications to child custody

You can change your child custody agreement in Illinois under a few circumstances. First, if you both and your former spouse agree on the terms, you can ask the court for a modification. Significant lifestyle changes, such as moving to a different state, can also lead to custody modifications. Additionally, a judge can change your custody situation if your child is in an unsafe environment. Finally, if a custodial parent dies or goes to jail, the courts usually award custody to the other parent.

You and your family can change over time, and your child custody order should reflect those changes. If the child custody agreement you received at the time of your divorce no longer serves the best interests of your children, yourself and your ex-spouse, you should consider pursuing modification.

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