How Should I Handle Social Media During Divorce?

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The majority of Americans are on social media. Social media has improved the lives of many, making it easier to communicate with friends, family and even strangers both near and far.

However, social media also has a number of pitfalls. Particularly if you are going through a divorce, you should be very careful with your social media use. In fact, according to Psychology Today, it is generally best practice to delete your social media during a divorce.

The benefits of deleting social media

For many, the temptation to vent anger on social media during a divorce is strong. While it is wise to “unfriend” or “unfollow” your ex and people closely connected to him or her, this does not mean that your social media is safe. Once you post something, it is very possible for somebody to screenshot your post and send a copy of it to your ex.

Essentially, if you are posting nothing on social media, your ex will have nothing to retaliate against. It also will provide little ammunition if you are in a custody battle.

Unable to unplug

If you are not able or willing to delete your social media entirely, make sure not to post anything negative about the divorce or about your ex or your ex’s family members. Also ensure that you communicate this to your own family members so that they are not posting negative missives, either.

Social media is a powerful tool, but you can use it for ill as often as for good. If you are going through a divorce, the best advice is to get off your social media accounts, at least until the divorce is over.

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