Driver’s license suspension due to unpaid child support

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As a parent who owes child support, it is important to understand the serious consequences that you could face if you fall behind. Aside from the interception of your tax refund and the threat of jail time, you could lose your driving privileges if you fail to pay child support.

Driver’s license suspension can disrupt many aspects of your life, preventing you from getting to work and handling other important responsibilities. It is pivotal to review this issue as well as the process of restoring your driving privileges if you find yourself in this position.

Receiving a license suspension notice over back child support

According to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, you could receive a letter informing you that the state intends to suspend your driver’s license if you fail to pay child support. Sometimes, parents feel completely overwhelmed and powerless when they find themselves in this situation, but you need to remain calm and take steps to protect your driving privileges.

If you can pay back support in full and make full payments each month, you can avoid license suspension. However, you could have options, even if you cannot make payments ordered by the court.

Avoiding license suspension when you cannot pay child support

The HFS says that if you cannot pay child support in full, you should contact them and go over your circumstances. They could help you set up a payment plan, which might include a down payment, that can prevent license suspension. Whether you lost your job or face financial hardships for another reason, it is crucial to discuss these challenges in order to secure a compatible payment agreement.

If you cannot pay child support because you face significant financial changes and want to avoid license suspension and other penalties, you should also look into child support modification.

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