Can I modify my child support order?

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Modifying child support can be important for both paying parents and parents receiving child support. Recipient parents may have concerns about the amount of child support they are being paid, while spouses who are paying child support may be concerned about their ability to make required child support payments. As a result, parents in both situations should be familiar with how the family law process may be able to help.

The family law process provides options for parents seeking to modify child support. Parents can request a child support modification from the family law court. A child support modification may be granted based on a significant change in circumstances for either the parent or the child. A change in circumstances could include the loss of a job or a promotion at work. It is important for parents seeking a child support modification to know how to document their change in circumstances.

In addition, parents may also be able to work out a child support modification themselves that can be approved by the family law court. If they are unable to reach an agreement, the family law court can evaluate the request. It is critical for the parents to continue to abide by their current child support order until any changes have been approved or made by the family law court. The paying parent should continue to make their child support parents to the best of their ability while any request is pending.

Because it is important to wait for the direction of the family law court, it is also important for parents wishing to modify child support, or a child custody order, to make their request as soon as they know it is needed. The family law system provides invaluable resources to help parents navigate their child support and child custody concerns which is why it is beneficial for them to be familiar with what they are.

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