The penalties for parenting time violations in Illinois

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If you have a parenting time order, it is critical to carefully review the terms of the agreement. Whether you face allegations of failing to abide by your parenting plan or your child’s other parent refuses to comply with the order, you need to have a clear understanding of your rights and your obligations.

In Illinois, parents who fail to follow the terms of a parenting time order can face serious penalties.

Consequences parents can face for parenting time violations

The Illinois General Assembly goes over some of the different penalties that parents can face if they fail to follow the terms of their parenting plan. If the court determines that a parent has failed to comply with a court order or approved parenting plan, they could have to complete and pay for a parental education course. Additionally, they could have to pay a cash bond, offer makeup time and pay for the other party’s legal expenses.

In fact, parenting time violations can even result in the suspension of a parent’s driver’s license, probation and time behind bars.

Addressing parenting time violations

If your child’s other parent refuses to honor your rights in accordance with a court order, you need to review all of your options carefully. In some instances, going to court is necessary, and you should not hesitate to take steps to safeguard your relationship with your child and get justice.

Legal issues involving children can create strong emotions and uncertainty, such as parenting plans and other custody matters. If you are trying to deal with parenting time violations or any other legal issue involving your child, focus on their best interests and strive for a favorable outcome.

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