The clear signs of a broken marriage

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Though Tolstoy talked about the unique characteristics of an unhappy family, he could have also come up with many similarities among couples headed for a divorce. Time and time again, certain factors in a relationship point to serious trouble.

While the presence of certain signs does not always lead to the dissolution of a marriage, these signs likely increase the chance of divorce.

The inability to have good arguments

According to Verywellmind, all spouses argue occasionally, but some types of marital arguments do more harm than others.  Extreme yelling, constant criticism and hurtful words chip away at the foundation of a marriage. Couples who argue about the same topics again and again without coming to an understanding might face a fatal disconnect in their relationship.

At some point, couples who fail to argue well might just give up. A silent home that avoids any discussions about sensitive topics indicates that one or both partners have thrown in the towel. Strong signs that indifference has infected a marriage could mean that nothing remains worth fighting for.

The deterioration of intimacy

Lack of physical intimacy in marriage comes in many forms. It could take the shape of one or both partners losing any interest in sex, but it could also result in a lack of touching such as hand-holding and hugs. This stage also represents a danger point that could lead to infidelity.

Partners who no longer want to spend time together should recognize this as a red flag. A marriage probably will not last for long when spouses prefer to remain apart. A good marriage has impressive resilience, but the above signs often lead to a breakup.

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