Where should you transfer custody of your kids?

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Co-parenting can be full of challenges, especially if you and your ex-spouse do not get along particularly well. Fortunately, though, sharing custody tends to become easier with time. If you can get through the first few months, everyone in your family may acclimate to the arrangement.

According to Psychology Today, custody transfers can be emotionally difficult for both parents and kids. These transfers are the usually brief meetings you have with your ex when your parenting time begins and ends. At your custody transfers, you hand off physical custody of the kids to your former partner.

Think about location

One of the most effective ways to create low-stress custody transfers is to have them in the right place. While it may be tempting to exchange the kids at your home or your ex-spouse’s residence, doing so can be problematic. Therefore, you may want to conduct custody transfers in a neutral spot.

The following places may be good options:

  • Your children’s school
  • Your pediatrician’s office
  • A public park, shopping center or restaurant
  • An area near public transportation

Pick a backup spot

Even if you find the perfect place for your custody transfers, weather or even road closures may prohibit you from reaching the location. Therefore, you may want to pick a backup spot or two. Putting all locations into your parenting plan helps to set realistic expectations for everyone in your family.

Do not forget about your safety

When choosing your primary and backup transfer locations, do not forget about your safety. If you think your ex-spouse may behave inappropriately, you may want to transfer custody at a police station or in a public spot.

Ultimately, if you and your ex-spouse can agree on your custody transfer location, you increase your chances of having a successful co-parenting arrangement.

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