How can you co-parent with a narcissist?

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After a tough divorce, you may find yourself struggling to stay calm and collected when dealing with your co-parent.

This process can be even harder when your co-parent is a narcissist and you have to try to plan around this behavior. Knowing the ways to deal with someone who displays these traits can help you as you parent.

Communicate formally

According to Psychology Today, sharing personal or private details in casual conversation can leave you open to more fights with your co-parent. Whenever you need to talk to him or her, simply keep it formal and stick to facts only.

You may even want to use a written form of communication, like email or texting, so that you can edit what you say. Talking in person may leave you tempted or pressured to discuss personal matters more often.

Notice signs of manipulation

Narcissists often use guilt to get their way, and some may try to include your children in these manipulative situations. If notice your ex-spouse trying to cut your time with your children short or making rude comments about your parenting abilities, then you may begin to get frustrated.

The best way to prevent further escalation is to ignore these actions and do not attempt to respond.

Write information down

Document any information or incidents that happen that violate the parenting plan you both share. Having specific examples and proof of what your co-parent said is crucial and important if you need it later on for legal reasons. Dealing with a narcissistic co-parent can feel overwhelming at times, but some preparation can help you.

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