Passport denial due to unpaid child support

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Whether you lose your job, struggle with an unexpected and costly medical hardship or face financial challenges for some other reason, staying current on child support can become difficult. However, it is essential to do everything in your power to avoid falling behind.

If you miss child support payments, you could face a number of different consequences, such as losing your driver’s license or a tax refund. In fact, you could even lose your passport privileges.

Back child support and passport privileges

According to the Administration for Children and Families, parents who owe unpaid child support can lose their passport privileges. If you owe more than $2,500 in back child support, the government could reject your passport application. Moreover, even if you already have a passport, the government could revoke your passport if you turn it over to add pages or change your name.

Addressing back child support to protect your passport

If you need to travel overseas for business purposes, or if you need a passport for some other reason (such as visiting another country to attend an important family event or vacation), it is essential to address unpaid child support promptly. Some states allow parents to restore their passport privileges by setting up a payment plan, but other states need payment in full.

In order to avoid falling behind in the first place, some parents modify their child support order. It is vital to go over all of your options with respect to child support obligations, whether you need to get caught up or want to ensure that you do not become delinquent.

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