How will you know that divorce is the right decision?

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Even if you are fairly certain that divorce is the right decision for you and your family, you may still experience hesitation. Ending a relationship is difficult no matter the circumstances, and it is natural to question the decision in the lead up to your divorce.

Because divorce impacts your life in so many ways, you must think about whether it is the best option for you. Here are a few things to consider when planning for the future.

Addiction and mental health issues

Untreated addiction and mental health issues can really take a toll on your marriage. Along with stress and worry, you may have concerns about your finances, safety, and ability to raise children as a team. While you naturally want to support your partner through good times and bad, they must also help themselves via addiction treatment and counseling.

Goals for the future

Married couples must also share the same hopes and goals when it comes to their shared future. This is especially important when you have children together, as you must agree on basic child-rearing, as well as more complex issues involving medical care and education. If you cannot see eye to eye when it comes to these crucial matters, divorce is an option to consider. In this case, you can develop a binding co-parenting agreement to assist you.


Issues with affairs and cheating are not always insurmountable, as many couples can work through them towards healing. However, you must decide whether you can handle them on a personal level when thinking about reconciling. Additionally, your spouse must also take the proper steps to end their association with the affair partner, go to counseling, and re-dedicate themselves to the marriage.

If you come to the conclusion that you and your spouse should pursue a divorce, remain as reasonable as possible. Hurt feelings, anger, and sadness are largely unavoidable, but you must keep calm and even-tempered to ensure you act in your own best interest.

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