What is the Clean Slate Program?

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It can be very easy to fall behind or feel overwhelmed by child support obligations. While you will not be able to stop paying to support your children, the state does offer help when things become difficult.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services explains the Clean Slate Program is a service that assists you with getting current in your child support payments. It will not clear the actual amount of support you must pay to the other parent, but it can reduce the fees and other costs associated with the process.


Not everyone can use the program. You must meet specific requirements. Mainly, you need to show a valid reason that you fell behind in payments. Valid reasons include having a serious illness, being in prison or being out of work. It is important to note that you must show documentation to back up your claim. This might be discharge papers, medical records, documents from other government programs or a letter from an official.

You also must show proof that you have the ability to pay your child support payments now. The program is only for after you get back on your feet to lower your arrears.


Once the state approves you for the program, you will need to pay your support on time for six months. After that time, the state removes the past due money owed to the state. You must continue to make on-time payments.

The Clean Slate Program seeks to help you get out from under large overdue child support bills. While the state will not absolve you of the money you owe directly to the parent, it can erase any money the state would have taken.

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