What are some common signs of parental alienation?

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After a divorce, you may worry that your children are drifting away from you. When you begin to notice signs of deliberate alienation started by your ex-spouse, it can cause you to panic.

Learning about how to notice this devastating problem can help you if you think this is happening.

Lack of quality time

According to Psychology Today, if your children suddenly do not inform you about upcoming activities or important events like parent-teacher conferences, this may stem from alienation. In past years, you may have had no problem attending school plays, but now you suddenly notice a lack of time with your children.

You could even notice fewer texts or emails as time goes on. Your ex-spouse may limit their ability to reply on their phones or computers in order to alienate you further.

Suddenly negative opinions

If you notice your children stating the same negative phrases or ideas about you that your ex-spouse usually does, then they may be taking cues from him or her. This is one subtle sign that your co-parent is trying to make you look bad or cast you as a neglectful parent.

These kinds of insults are often worded in a way that sounds more adult or mature than children would typically say. This is another sign that an adult, such as your ex-spouse, is repeating personal details about your marriage around them.

Increased anger

Children that begin to show unusual levels of anger or passive-aggressiveness after visiting the other ex-spouse’s house may be picking up opinions from him or her. This can include bouts of silence or constantly challenging your authority over them. Parental alienation can harm both children and their parents.

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