How does birdnesting work?

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After a divorce, you and your spouse have to decide how to split the family home and share custody. For amicable couples, you may want to consider birdnesting as the best option.

CNBC describes birdnesting as a parenting arrangement where you and your spouse share the family home with your children.

Where do you stay in a birdnesting arrangement?

The fact that you and your spouse keep the family home does not mean that you stay in the home simultaneously. You and your former spouse still have specific days or weeks where you spend time with the children. Many birdnesting exes choose to rotate week after week. You stay at the family home or in an apartment or other dwelling when not with your kids in this arrangement.

Most couples choose to have one apartment and rotate in and out depending on who has the kids that week. If you have financial security, you may choose two separate places.

What happens to your children in a birdnesting arrangement?

The point of birdnesting is for your children to have as little change as possible. The point of keeping the family home is to slowly acclimate the children to their new life. Very little has to change when it comes to their lives. They would continue to have the same rules, same schedule and structure without leaving the family home. The major difference is that they will only see one parent at a time.

When going through a divorce, children need as much stability as possible. Acclimating them to slow change is easier than a drastic one.

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