Should you have court-monitored communication?

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Divorce can sometimes get heated for both parties. Your spouse might take actions under stress out of anger or spite that make life harder for you. For example, many divorcees discuss periods of harassment as they were going through the split.

Fortunately, technology comes through with a possible way to prevent harassment. How? Through court-monitored communication.

What is court-monitored communication?

Mashable discusses the concept of court-monitored communication. It’s a method of communicating that involves the court as a third party. While communicating directly with your spouse, the court can witness everything said between you. Courts ensure this by enforcing the use of sanctioned apps any time spouses communicate.

This can benefit you for several reasons. First, it helps ensure your spouse stays on their best behavior. With the threat of easily-recorded disagreements and harassment, most people will pull back on their attempts to get under your skin. This is especially true if you are parents and custody or visitation rights are on the line.

Keeping records

Speaking of, with time stamps and easily recorded message history, these apps record any instances of disputes or harassment. This can make it easier for your attorney to provide evidence if you need a restraining order or are fighting for the custody of your children.

These apps also sometimes show location at the time of texts. This allows you to keep an eye on your spouse’s location, which benefits individuals who have concerns about stalking and stalking-related forms of harassment.

If you want to learn more about this option, consider conferring with legal counsel. They can help you navigate the use of these applications and maximize their protection and efficiency.

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