How can you reduce stress while co-parenting?

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After a rough divorce, you and your ex-spouse may struggle to find peace while co-parenting your children.

Learning how to stay relaxed and respectful around one another can improve your quality of life. It can also help your children adapt better to the split, since arguments often affect more than just the adults in a family.

Focus on your inner calm

According to Psychology Today, dealing with difficult people can leave you neglecting your own self-care. If you notice yourself picking fights or holding grudges against your ex-spouse, take a moment and disconnect from the discussion.

Take time to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Not only can this relieve stress, but it can leave you feeling well-rested and ready to have a productive discussion whenever you need to see him or her.

Talk to a third party

By connecting with others, you can find understanding and enrich your own life. Talking about issues with a friend or family members can allow you to reduce your stress and focus on more positive topics. It can also help you to process your own emotions and frustrations without causing conflict between you and your ex-spouse.

Let the past go

Resist the urge to react emotionally when co-parenting problems first arise. Continually bringing up old issues from your marriage or looking for reasons to pick a fight can lead to stress and residual anger.

Instead, make a point to spend quality time, such as a day out, with your children. Co-parenting can be a struggle in a high-conflict relationship, but learning how to handle your emotions can help you stay calm.

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