What is the goal of the child support system?

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For many people, child support becomes a problematic situation. Whether you struggle every month to make your payments or you fight every month to get the other parent to pay, if you have issues with the system, it can make you wonder what the point of it is.

According to the Illinois General Assembly, the main reason for child support is because every child deserves to receive financial support from both parents. In addition, every parent has a responsibility to support the children they bring into this world.

While it may not always seem like it, the child support system also strives to keep things fair and to not use child support as a punishment. To do this, there are guidelines and goals.


To help keep the system fair, one of the goals of the child support system is to ensure that payments are based upon the incomes of both parents. It also allows for adjustment if income levels change. The court must consider the ability of each parent to pay as well.

Fairness in the treatment of each parent is also important. The court should treat you the same as the other parent regardless of whether you will pay or receive the support. You should never feel like the court is against you.


One of the backbones of this system is need. Your child has specific needs that you must provide for. The court will always consider your child’s needs. It will strive to set a support arrangement that meets all the needs of the child.

Child support is not a punishment. It is also not free money. Regardless of which side you are on, you should always look at this as part of your responsibilities as a parent to support and care for your child.

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