Are you experiencing parental alienation?

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Going through a divorce puts a lot of stress on everyone involved. Unfortunately, some people decide to heap on even more stress by handling the divorce in an immature and petty way. Some parents will even harm your child while trying to get back at you.

This is often the case with parental alienation. Your co-parent may want to ruin your relationship with your child for selfish gain. Unfortunately, it can harm your child, too.

Changes in attitude toward you

The Psychiatric Times discusses parental alienation. It has the potential to ruin your relationship with your child. More importantly, it can harm your child, too. Parental alienation comes in many degrees and can take shape in different ways. However, there are some signs that most people will notice regardless of how it comes about or how intense it is.

First, your child will likely show a sudden reluctance to spend time with you. They may make up excuses to stay at the other parent’s home. They could complain the entire time they are with you. They may openly discuss how mad or upset they are at being in your presence.

For some, this reluctance will go away as they spend time with you and away from the alienating parent. Unfortunately, it will often return to its former state after they go back to your co-parent and spend more time around them.

Behavioral changes

You may also notice that your child shows behavioral changes, too. They may grow more reticent or easy to irritate. If you notice this together with the aforementioned issue, it is almost a sure sign that you are the target of parental alienation tactics. Consider speaking to a legal expert to see what you can do.


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