What do you know about co-parenting communication strategies?

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While you and your child’s other parent worked out a custody arrangement, that did not improve your communication. You do not want your shared child to suffer because you are not on the most favorable terms with your ex, so how can you improve the situation? 

HelpGuide breaks down communication tips for co-parents. Learn how to improve your child’s life and preserve your peace of mind. 

Treat your ex like a business partner

It may help to communicate with your former partner like you would a co-worker. When writing a text message or email, or when on the phone, maintain the same tone as you would in a professional setting. 

Listen (and hear)

When your ex speaks, listen and hear what she or he says. Listening costs you nothing, and it does not mean that you must agree with everything you hear. 

Frame responses as requests

No one enjoys receiving demands. When you ask your ex something regarding your child, such as an early pickup or running an errand for your son or daughter, make a request. Say something like, “Would you mind…” or “How do you feel about…” That way, you make your desires known without coming across as overbearing. 

Resist knee-jerk emotional reactions

Depending on your marriage, your ex may know how to get under your skin. If you grow aggravated during your conversations about child custody, take a deep breath and try to disengage from instinctive reactions that only worsen the situation. Keeping your cool helps save time and accomplish your parenting goals more efficiently. 

Proper communication helps you become a better co-parent. Learn and master the skill for your child’s sake. 

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