How does the Division of Child Support Services aid parents?

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If you have a child support case, you may be able to get services through the Division of Child Support Services. DCSS provides a range of assistance with your case whether you pay or receive support.

According to the State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the DCSS is a requirement of federal law to provide child support assistance to every family that has a child support case. There is no income limit to qualify for these services.

Qualifying for services

You can qualify for services as long as you have a child support case in the state. You may also be able to receive services if you live outside the state. If you receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the state will automatically sign you up for services. If you are not yet 18 years old, you can get services, but you will have to have a parent or guardian present at all interviews.

Receiving services

The services the DCSS provides include various assistance with obtaining payments. For example, if you cannot locate the other parent to enforce child support orders, then the DCSS can help you find him or her. It will also help with establishing paternity, changing orders and collecting past due payments. The DCSS also can help with getting other orders pertaining to your children, such as seeking college expense payments or adjusting child custody orders.

If you get TANF, you have a mandatory obligation to use DCSS services. The DCSS may require you to do certain things, such as establishing paternity. You cannot deny these requests.

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