How do you make the best of living with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse?

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Depending on the particulars of your divorce, you and your current spouse may remain together in your marital home in Illinois during your split. How can the two of you survive the experience and emerge with your sanity intact?

Divorce Magazine has several tips that you may find useful. Learn how to lay the foundation of success for the next chapter of your life.

Retain respect

If you and your soon-to-be-ex are not on good terms, you may find it difficult to address her or him with respect. Strive to see your current relationship as a professional one where you address each other like co-workers rather than spouses. This means removing as much emotion from your communication as possible and focusing only on the most essential information. Taking this approach can keep animosity and arguments to a minimum.

Let your children know the situation

Besides current finances, another reason for divorcing spouses to remain in the same house is for their shared children. If this applies to your situation, let your children know about the change in living arrangements. If you have young children, you can tell them you and the other parent feel more comfortable sleeping and living in different rooms.

Talk about finances

Do you and your former partner want to keep the same financial agreement you had during your divorce, or would the two of you like to handle paying bills and meeting other financial obligations differently? Whatever you decide, do it together. Also, neither of you should make major financial decisions, such as major purchases, without talking it over with the other.

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