How do I keep discreet about my divorce at work?

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Your divorce can be such a sensitive process for you that you want as few people as possible to know what is going on in your life. However, your divorce may follow you everywhere you go until it is over, even your workplace. Still, you may be able to deal with your divorce at work while keeping the details away from your co-workers.

If you know how to separate your divorce and work life, you may have less anxiety and make better decisions about your divorce. Forbes explains some ways that you may maintain discretion at work even if you have to deal with divorce-related matters while on the job.

Keep your papers secure

You might need to bring your divorce paperwork to work or you may want to use your work printer or copier to produce hard copies. If so, be careful where you leave your papers, as they may have sensitive personal information on them. Keep your papers out of plain sight and do not leave them in locations like your desk or a place where workers congregate.

Take calls out of earshot

If you need to take a call with your attorney or anyone involved with your divorce at work, consider having your conversation in a place where your fellow workers will not overhear you. They may not want to listen in on your private life, but there is also the chance that someone might listen in on purpose and overhear information that you want kept discrete. You might take your call in a closed room or outside of your work building.

Organize your digital files

In the event you must access computer documents on the same computer you use at work, consider making a folder on your computer only for your divorce files. This step may help keep your divorce files from mixing with your business files. The Forbes article also recommends using only your personal email for divorce communications, since you may not have a full guarantee of privacy using your business email. In addition, you might endanger your attorney-client privilege by using an unprotected server to communicate with your lawyer.

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