Is your ex-spouse hiding assets to avoid paying child support?

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When you appear in court to finalize a divorce, the judge will likely set up a child support payment plan for your spouse based on his or her income. The United States Department of Justice reports that no individual may willingly ignore this responsibility, but what can you do when you suspect that your ex is hiding assets from you? 

While this is a frustrating situation, there are several strategies you might use to uncover these assets and report them to the court. 

Collect your evidence

Your ex-spouse may have a number of new bank accounts he or she opened after your divorce and could use them to hide assets there. Safe deposit boxes may hide deeds to property and car titles, and while you may not have access to these accounts, you can still prove they exist. If you suspect this type of activity, you can approach the court and ask the judge to formally request bank statements and other financial information. 

Avoid confrontation

You may feel angry and hurt over your ex-spouse’s actions if you know he or she is hiding assets, but you may want to avoid confrontation until you have proof to present in court. If your ex knows you are aware of his or her secret assets, this may prompt an even deeper burial of money and property. Proceeding through legal channels is usually a wise course of action if you expect to receive any future child support payments. 

Reporting suspected hidden assets to your local and state government may resolve the matter. If convicted, the offending individual may face both jail time and fines. 

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