Open lines of communication for more access to your child

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Child custody topics can be difficult for parents to discuss because no matter what they do, someone has to lose time with their child. Even if your divorce goes smoothly and you’re both happy to work with one another on a custody plan, the reality is that your child will have to spend time with each of you separately. You will spend more time apart, and that’s devastating.

The thing to remember is that there are ways that you can make the time apart more acceptable. For example, you can set up times during the day where you can have open communication with your child, like before bed or in the morning before school. You could ask for text communication so that your child can reach out if they want to speak with you at any time.

Is it a good idea to have open lines of communication when dealing with custody?

It’s always a good idea for parents to be open with one another, and it can be smart to allow your child access to phones or computers that give them the opportunity to talk to mom or dad whenever they need to. While there is the potential to abuse this and “take over” another person’s custody time, the likelihood is that it will be used normally, and your child will just check in when they miss you or the other parent.

If you have concerns about your custody schedule and are looking for alternatives that give you more access to your child, talk to your attorney about options they’ve seen work in the past.

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