Mediation or arbitration could help you resolve custody disputes

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When you’re divorced, it can be frustrating to fight over child custody issues. From not picking up your child on time to not being able to get in touch, there are many issues you may be struggling with.

Whenever you have custody-related issues, it’s a good idea to try to talk through the situation with your ex-spouse. If you are both reasonable, you may be able to resolve the problem and move on. If not, then you may want to turn to a different method of dispute resolution, such as using arbitration or mediation to resolve your conflict.

Why choose mediation?

If you and your spouse can talk to one another but are getting stuck when trying to resolve this issue, mediation may be a good choice. It gives you the opportunity to sit down with a mediator who can keep your discussion on topic and help you think about new ways to resolve your conflict. Mediation isn’t binding, so keep that in mind if you think your ex-spouse won’t agree to any resolution that you come up with.

Why choose arbitration?

Unlike mediation, arbitration is binding. That means that you can be prepared for a solution to your situation at the end of the process, but it may not be what you want. Unlike mediation, you and your ex-spouse aren’t working toward a common goal. Instead, you’re both presenting your arguments and hoping the arbitrator agrees with you.

Your attorney can talk to you about these and other options for resolving disputes if you can’t do so on your own.

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