How does child support affect a child’s life?

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Child support is a necessary support for children of divorced or separated families. Unlike in a married family, children of divorce do not always live in a two-parent household. They may not have the same opportunities as other children as a result of the lack of a second parent’s income.

That’s why child support is so necessary. Child support gives these children the opportunity to live in a situation similar to what they’d be provided in a two-parent home. Here are a few examples.

Children can live in a better environment

With the addition of child support, a single parent may be able to purchase a better apartment, better furniture or afford living arrangements in an area closer to the child’s school or friends.

Children get support for schooling and activities

With a single parent’s income, it might not be possible to do extracurricular activities or to afford uniforms or class fees. With the addition of child support, those fees may be taken care of or become easier to afford.

Children get better food and clothing

With more money comes the opportunity for more variety in food and clothing, as well as higher quality foods and clothing.

A lack of child support payments doesn’t necessarily mean a mother or father can’t afford nice things for their children, but it can mean that it’s more difficult to provide those things. Child support is a fair system that makes sure your child gets the extra funds other children have in two-parent homes so that they can have a successful and healthy childhood with everything they need.

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