Can digital visitation help relieve my custody worries?

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You love your children, and you want to be able to spend every day with them. With your current custody arrangements, you know that won’t ever be a possibility.

Despite knowing that the arrangements are in your children’s best interests, you still wish you could be with them more. You want to check in with them, and since they’re getting older, you want them to have access to you whenever they’d like, too.

One option for parents in your situation is to use digital visitation for additional visits when your children can’t be in your physical custody. Digital visitation is completed using video games, emails, webcam chats, phone calls and other means that allow you to visit with one another without being in each other’s physical presence.

Virtual visitation has its benefits. For example, if you want to spend some time playing a game with your child, you could play on the same team in an online video game that uses headsets to communicate. Not only is this a good way to interact, but it also allows you to monitor the games your child plays. If one parent is uninterested in gaming, then this could be a good option for interacting when the other parent needs a break.

Another option is a video call. If you travel for work, you can still call your child on a smartphone or computer. Video calls allow you to see one another, do homework together and interact as if you were present.

Even though you can’t physically be there, digital or virtual visitation could help take some of the stress out of this custody arrangement. Your attorney can help you seek digital visitation if you’d like to have it in the future.

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